Silicone Renders

About Kilsaran KPRO Facade

Kilsaran manufacturers through coloured decorative renders applied to most common masonry substrates having a standard range of colours with colour conformity enhanced by scraped texture application. Formulated for both hand and machine application. This range is to be applied within a 15mm minimum thickness and in strict accordance to EN 13914, Eurocode 6 and SR325 standards through manufacturers instructions.

Products are produced and optimised with algae resistant inhabitants and to help with workability, adhesion, shrinkage and crack resistance for optimum results to the applied substrate facade.

All renders accommodate new build, refurbishment and maintenance applications for your project requirements available with full technical back when needed.

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Our relationship with Kilsaran is newly formed and render stocks are evolving nicely. This family owned and run business has evolved successfully for the past 50 years across Ireland through various manufacturing plants and mining sites. Specialising in solutions for paving, walling, ready mix, renders and concrete road surfacing substrates.

This company’s success and unique product performance excites FS Trades Render centre with a wonderful opportunity to enhance our monocouche offering to our applicators and their clients by expanding choice and competitively priced render solutions.


You will find details within our site’s main categories within the Kilsaran range of products which will allow you access to various technical documents for downloads and numerous video links for support in visual tuition and a better understanding of the application process.

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