FS Trade is now a member of the Association of Sustainable Business


Carbon Credits

As part of your Membership package your get an official United Nations Carbon Cancellation Certificate.

This certificate confirms that 1 tonne (1,000 kilo’s) of carbon dioxide has now been offset on behalf of your business in the following world class project.

Taebaek Wind Park, Korea 1 Tonnes

This project has been carefully chose as it also addresses numerous UN Sustainable Development Co-Benefits including, creating jobs, providing welfare, protecting natural resources, providing education, generating affordable clean energy, promoting green technology and taking climate action.

Forest Trees

We can now confirm that we will be planting 100 trees on your behalf in Malawi, Africa, to help counter deforestation in that region. This process involves a large team of employed locals, so has the additional benefit of creating much needed, fair-paid employment in this impoverished region too.

The trees start their life in a well-maintained nursey as they grow from saplings, before later being planted in carefully managed forests. We estimate the average life of the trees as 75 to 100 years, so they will be helping to breathe in carbon dioxide, and breathe out oxygen for decades to come!

Forest Tree Preservation

We have now arranged to preserve 300 trees on your behalf in Wing Creek Forest in the US. These are mature forest trees of at least 25-years old and have been in danger from loggers for many years.

The protection of this forest is of great importance, not only for the trees and the carbon they have stored, but due to the endangered wildlife and birdlife in the area too, which includes beautiful bald eagles that can often be seen there, and are still protected in the US.