Green Homes Grant 2020 scheme

FS Trade is keen to receive inquiries from both Householders and additionally Applicators/Contractors in support for the Green Homes Grant 2020 scheme.

For Householders

We can help with introductions to ‘scheme approved installers’

The £2bn Green Homes Grant applied to England only.

  • £0.5bn for LAB scheme for local councils.
  • £0.5bn anticipated for the £10k voucher scheme for low-income households, which can cover 100% of costs.
  • £1bn anticipated for £5k voucher scheme which can cover up to 2/3rd of costs.
  • Residents apply for a voucher which can then be spent to make energy-efficient home improvements
  • To qualify for any financial support, residents need to install at least one of the following “primary” improvements:
  • Insulation, including the solid wall, cavity wall, underfloor, loft, or roof insulation.
  • Low carbon heating, such as air-source or ground-source heat pumps, or solar thermal systems

Then if, and only if, you’re installing at least one of the improvements above, you’ll also be able to use the vouchers to install the following “secondary” measures:

  • Draught-proofing, Double or triple glazing, or secondary glazing, Energy-efficient doors, controls, and insulation

For installers/applicators

We can help with supplies of ‘BBA accredited’ materials approved under the scheme

EWI - Understanding The Green Homes Grant Our Systems And Finishes

For further assistance to the above please contact our local office on 0151 363 1677 or email