Enables application of rendering coats in temperature from +25°C up to +35°C – recommended during façade works in high temperature during summer time.


The main characteristics

• enables application of dispersion renders in temperature from +25°C up to +35°C
• easy in use
• does not change strength parameters of renders
• neutral to other render properties

The main parameters

Mixing ratio: 1% of weight, i.e. up to 0.25 kg (the whole bottle) for 25 kg of render
Density: ca. 1.0 g/cm³

This is a non-stocked item please allow 7-14 days for delivery and Atlas / Aval render accessories are non returnable for both once they have left our premises and secondly when purchased to a special order as non-standard stock products. For site conditions, maintenance and other technical details please view relevant downloadable documents or contact our main office for assistance.

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