K-Rend HP14 Base Coat



HP14 Base coat is the preferred material for over this Thermal Insulation substrate (dab for insulation and embedding the mesh) and other masonry and stone backgrounds. It has increased water resistance and adhesion properties but specifically specified for its flexibility and high tensile strength, critical within thin coat render applications and EWI systems.

Where possible we always recommend consideration to utilise reinforcement mesh for further substrate strength.


4-6mm applied thickness utilises 8-11kg/m2 of product

Hand or machine applied

Packaging – bagged renders/powders are 25kg sacks and 40 sacks per one tonne pallet.

Thin Coat are ready mixed in 25kg tubs loaded 30 tubs per 750kg pallet.

All render sacks and tubs must be protected from frost and direct sunlight on site.

Shelf life of 12 months, when stored in these conditions and date of manufacture, is printed on the packaging.

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