K-Rend Reinforcing Mesh



The K-Rend Reinforcing Mesh is very easy to install and the weft and warp yarns within the roll fabric being treated to resist the Alkali content found in the adhesive mortars and interlaced for a strong mechanical weave.

The K-Rend Reinforcing Mesh is critically used with base coat layers for reinforcement and improving impact resistance. Additionally with EWI systems being embedded into the adhesive coat for most thermal insulation substrates (mineral, EPS and plastic foams).

Also utilised to support and reinforce stress points of the building fabric, junctions and openings by minimising and avoiding potential cracking to the render coating with any building movement.


Supplied in a roll form 50m2 in dimension.

Used with all K- Rend one-coat renders and must be used for product / system warranty validations when required.

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