PAREX MonoBlanco



A bright white, semi-light, one coat, weather-resistant and breathable render for vertical masonry and concrete walls. MONOBLANCO is a bright white version of MONOREX GF.
Available in 48 standard colours (special colours to order), the render provides an excellent finish and good surface hardening.


The main characteristics

Suitable for machine spraying or hand application and can be finished with medium scraped, light tyrolean and heavy roughcast styles onto a range of masonry substrates.
For full guidance on suitability if using as one coat system, please refer to below technical downloads and in respect of thickness application, 15mm minimum (for sheltered, moderate and severe exposure zones) and increased to 20mm minimum for (very severe exposure zones).

The main parameters

Coverage (weatherproofing coat)
1.0-1.1m2 @ 15mm thickness / 25kg bag
Trowel & float / sponged smooth
1.3-1.4m2 @ 15mm thickness / 25kg bag
Supplied in a 25kg bag

This product is a stocked item in White (other colours to order)

Allow 1-3 days for delivery
Packaging – bagged renders/powders are 25kg sacks and 48 sacks per 1.2 tonne pallet.
Thin Coat renders are ready mixed in 25kg tubs loaded 24 tubs per 600kg pallet.
(unless stated otherwise)
All render sacks and tubs must be protected from frost and direct sunlight on site.
Shelf life of 12months when stored in these conditions and date of manufacture is printed on the packaging.
Parex renders are non-returnable for both once they have left our premises and secondly when made to order as non-standard stock products.
For site conditions, maintenance and other technical details please view relevant downloadable documents or contact our main office for assistance.

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