A water-based coating, which provides a weather-proof and water-resistant surface to a range of render, paving, masonry and timber substrates. PARAGUARD is safe to the environment and to those using it.


The main characteristics

Applied by brush, lambswool roller or airless spray gun followed by lambswool roller to achieve a non-staining, clear, natural coating that can be easily cleaned.
Depending on the applied substrate this product may then offer a resistance to water, dirt, oil, grease, atmospheric pollutants and vehicle fumes.

The main parameters

Supplied in either a 5 litre or 25 litre plastic bucket
Quick and easy to apply (roller or brush)
Coverage m2 3-5m2 / ltr (varies with the different substrates)
5 litre 15-25m2 (one coat)
25 litre 75-125m2 (one coat)

Consider site trials for doseage rates
For all other considerations with preparation and application etc please refer to technical downloads.

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