New build cement renders.

Monorex GM (Topcoat)

A one or two coat, breathable, weather resistant and breathable decorating render for masonry and concrete walls. Available in 48 standard colours (special colours to order), the render provides an excellent finish and good surface hardening.

Suitable for machine spraying or hand application and can be finished with medium scraped, light tyrolean and heavy roughcast styles onto a range of masonry substrates.

For full guidance on suitability if using as one coat system, please refer to below technical attachments and in respect of thickness application, 15mm minimum (for sheltered, moderate and severe exposure zones) and increased to 20mm minimum for (very severe exposure zones).

Separate to the one coat Monorex GM application, Parex offer a range of compatible base coat substrates:

Parmurex (Excellent for float smoothing) – A weather resistant and breathable one coat grey render designed for dense masonry substrates both internal and external substrates, which can be left as self-finished, painted or can receive one of the Parex direct Acrylic render system finishes (as a basecoat material).

Parinter(Multi application and no primer needed) – Recognised for its qualities to work effectively with Lime based substrates as a base coat substrate for Hydraulic cement and Lime based renders. Highly breathable and with excellent bonding qualities which helps to reduce preparation times and speed up application. Manual or spray application to most substrates (even decorated) and can be notched, floated or raised to finished preference.

Maite (Thincoat renders and insulations systems) multi-purpose in its application both as a base coat substrate and as an insulation adhesive (EPS, Phenolic & Mineral fibre). Compatible with the Parex direct & Parex therm systems and detailing work for profiles and a dash receiver for Marbri Dash system.

Monogris E (Low suction, multiple masonry) – base coat and finishing coat with paints as needed. Works well in remedial work for damp walls and weather resistant when applied. Machine and hand applied with smooth sponged or float fine down finish and also left in its natural self-finish if needed.

Please note:

We have tried to provide information on our website mainly for technical and product specific purposes. To our knowledge this information is current but we are always reliant on the various manufacturers keeping us informed of any changes or updates where applicable. Can we ask that for any specific help or assistance that you either make contact with our office and or visit our trade counter showroom were one of our team members who are solely focused on providing expert advice for your project and specification needs will be pleased to help!