K-Rend R7 Acrylic Bonding Aid



This bonding aid consists of a modified acrylic emulsion supplied in two dispensers as either 5kg or 25kg plastic containers.

Always considered for difficult substrates where the background alone does not provide a suitable key for bonding and or may have poor suction qualities.

Generally, the liquid may be diluted prior to application as a priming coat or gauging liquid and in preparation for polymer-modified stipple coats.

Quick and easy to apply by roller and brush.


For most applications, a dilution of one Part R7 Acrylic Primer to 4 parts of water is recommended.

Depending on the substrate and level of application, approximate coverage 5-10m2 per litre of diluted material.

Please consider site trials to identify the correct dosage rate.


For all other considerations with preparation and application etc please refer to technical download

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