Knauf AMF offer a wide spectrum of applications in new build and refurbishment of non-residential buildings: From administrative buildings to educational institutions and healthcare facilities –Function, design and ecology are the fundamental principles for Knauf AMF when developing complete system solutions.

System solutions include:

System Aconcealed systems (A1.1-3 & A2.1-2 & A4.1-2 options) –relies on concealed profiles were the ceiling tiles can either be installed as demountable or non-accessible depending on the different design variations were the ceiling cavity is either accessible or inaccessible. The concealed profiles create a subtle, smooth effect, which contributes significantly to a simple ceiling finish.

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System Bscrew systems (B2.1-2 options) – is a ball-impact resistant ceiling and wall construction. The acoustic tiles from the product brand HERADESIGN® can be screw-fixed either on to wooden laths or onto CD-metal profiles. As a ball-impact resistant system, it is an ideal solution for schools and sport halls which have special requirements for impact resistance. In addition, the ceiling or wall elements are simple to demount.

System Cexposed systems (C1.1-2 options) – utilises the exposed grid structure as a proactive element in ceiling design. Square edged (SK) ceiling tiles lie flush in the construction, whilst recessed edged (VT) tiles emphasise the ceiling module. This very efficient construction system enables quick and easy installation and removal, easing maintenance work.

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System Ffree span systems (F1.1-3 & F4.1 options) -is as a free span system which can span up to 2.50 m and an ideal solution for corridors. It is quick and efficient, both during installation and for maintenance as each individual tile can be demounted allowing access to the ceiling void, depending on construction variant. The tiles lay on perimeter trims at both ends, resulting in an extensive and homogenous appearance due to the low number of joints. The corridor is visually more open and has a high-quality look.

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System IBandraster system (Parallel System) (I1.1-2 & 4.1 options) –is a parallel ceiling construction with exposed main runners adapted to the architecture and module of the building. Light-weight partitions can be fixed to the Bandraster profiles enabling flexible room division. The cross tees of the ceiling tiles can either be exposed or concealed profiles.

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System Sspecial systems (S2.1 option)- Take advantage of the diverse applications (ceilings / or walls) of HERADESIGN® products and the matching installation systems. Installation of System S is possible both on wooden laths as well as on to high-quality grid systems with concealed aluminium profiles.

Ceiling rafts –Ceiling rafts offer an excellent option to dampen the sound and substantially improve the room acoustics. Ceiling rafts can be quickly and simply retrofitted, efficiently avoiding unwanted sound configurations in rooms and at the same time are true objects of design.

Baffles – AMF THERMATEX® and HERADESIGN® Baffles are an effective solution for providing a room with significantly better acoustics, were the sound absorbing, rectangular panels are suspended vertically from the ceiling and are sound absorbing on both sides, lowering the noise level in a room and improving the acoustics. For an extraordinary, weightless look, baffles can be fixed using almost invisible stainless steel cables.

Wall absorbers –are utilised to improve the room acoustics and ambient noise and are especially suited, for example for meeting rooms, where they both visually and acoustically increase the feeling of well-being. The wall panels absorb sound in a room and avoid disturbing “flutter echoes” between parallel walls with special, individually printable acoustic fleece coatings, the effective acoustic solutions look remarkably like a wall mural. Even the installation of the wall absorber doesn’t take any more time or effort than hanging a picture frame.

Thermatex mineral ceiling tiles produced using a wet-felt process, are made of bio-soluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch and are therefore based on natural, sustainable and renewable raw materials. Thermatex offer solutions for classic, acoustic, hygiene, and design ceiling ranges with ceiling rafts, baffles and wall absorbers.

HERADESIGN wood wool tiles under the product brand HERADESIGN®, Knauf AMF produces, develops and distributes high-class acoustic systems based on wood wool for ceiling and wall installations. These excel through a unique, timeless design character and a multitude of creative options. The high quality and ‘warm’ character of the wood wool structure makes their products unmistakable. The main fields of application of the HERADESIGN® acoustic systems are education, sports, office, infrastructure, entertainment and recreational facilities.

AMF TOPIQ The technology of the product brand AMF TOPIQ® is based on fleece laminated stone wool tiles, finished on all sides for a diverse range of room requirements. As standard, the finish consists of a fleece coating on both sides with the face and edge areas additionally provided with a high quality colour coating. The products in the soft fibre board range impress primarily with their low weight, easy handling, durability and excellent humidity resistance and sound absorption performance.

AMF MONDENA -The metal ceiling system from Knauf which ranges from square edge lay in systems through free-span corridor ceilings, right up to specialised individual solutions.

Knauf AMF is the complete systems solutions provider for the modular ceiling!

Metal ceiling tiles are virtually maintenance free, have a very long product life and are insensitive to environmental conditions. Using metal tiles has many advantages: Demounting for maintenance is quick and easy, problem-free cleaning thanks to the smooth and robust surface and they are excellent for use in areas with increased technical requirements due to the variety of coatings and construction options.

AMF VENTATEC Quality and flexibility: ceiling suspension grid system using a high material quality and precise technical detailing characterise the standard of the profiles. The high performance product design guarantees the stability, safety and flexibility of the construction. In combination with AMF THERMATEX® , the result is a perfect ceiling solution to meet the highest requirements.

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